Another year, another football tournament and another reason I have to sit and listen to Tyldesley, Lawrenson, Drury and Townsend spouting the kind of shit that makes me want to… well, it makes me want to write this popular entry all over again.

But things have changed this year in the Queen’s tournament of Euro 2012. One, because I’ve gone from thinking Adrian Chiles isn’t that bad to thinking he should just go and kill himself, and two that the BBC is losing it by being a pile of rest-on-your-laurels boredom-meisters.

But then Lineker is on top form pretty much all the time – and the bonus of him being active on Twitter just adds to it – so the Queen’s channel still holds strong.

But something else changed. Something… worrying. The other week, watching Italy’s opening match of the tournament, Jon Champion was talking about Giorgio Chiellini, a defender for the Italians. “He certainly looks the part,” Champs stated, which was met by a brief silence before his co-commentator Craig Burley popped up with “… Do you mean he’s ugly?”

And do you know what happened after that? I laughed. I actually laughed, and I didn’t feel bad about it. I laughed at ITV commentary in a positive fashion and I didn’t feel dirty afterwards. And when Champion followed that up with “I’d say more ‘rugged’,” I laughed again. Though less.

It’s a sickening turn of events, really. The BBC seems to be actively trying to turn me against it, using the Alans (Shearer, Hansen, Pardew), not firing Lawrenson even though he clearly hates football and – as I found today – allowing the complete moron that is Mark Bright to continue doing anything of import.

Still, at least they gave Moyesy and his Miami Vice suit an outing, so for that the BBC can never truly lose.

Still, fuck Tyldesley, Drury, Townsend and Lawrenson.


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