Train your train of thought

I have itchy eyes, I want to carry on reading this book, this chair is uncomfortable, I’m so broke it dominates my every waking moment, I want to make some kind of regular web video thing, why haven’t I set fire to this fucking steering wheel yet, my camera has decided to break for no reason and I can’t afford to fix it or get a new one, I have no idea what I’m going to do for my birthday, I am torn about the prospect of borrowing money for ultimately frivolous reasons, I think I’ll have a look on OK Cupid in a minute, I can’t believe I spilled gravy on my CM Punk tshirt, I need more socks and to bin the old shitty ones, I should go on the exercise bike every day not every other, I wonder if that girl really did have a boyfriend or if her mates were just being over-protective dickwads, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow I just want to sit in my pants playing old videogames, I wish this chair was more comfortable, I should play more Starcraft 2 but I do still want to read more, I wonder if I could get a job in America, oh great now the twat in the next room has bought a guitar, I wonder if his girlfriend dumped him god I hope she did, I bought shower gel when I didn’t need any OH THE HILARITY, I forgot to take my sandwich chicken out of the fridge at work, I should buy more squash, I want someone to come and punch me every time I put off creative pursuits at home when I have spare time, I should tidy this shithole, alright I should at least vacuum, ALRIGHT I’ll consider doing it if anybody ever comes to visit, ALRIGHT even then it’d only be if they were the sort of person who would otherwise whine, I wonder how long is enough to leave it before you pester again, I wonder if I’ve written enough here now, oh yes I have.

There’s my thoughts for the last five minutes. Enjoy.


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