Tekken 2 ha ha ha

So they’re making a sequel to Taken, I see. It’s called Taken 2, which proves imagination certainly isn’t in short supply in the wonderful world of movies, and it once again stars Liam Neeson dealing with the fallout of a member – or two – of his family being kidnapped.

While in Europe, I should point out. That’s important, because you have to remember that Europe is very dangerous and you should never go there – Liam warns his daughter of this before she takes her fateful French trip in the original movie. Damn Europe, full of scummy Europeans. This time it’s those damn “ohh, we bridge the gap twixt two continents” Turkish bastards stealing his family.

Europe – who’d have it?

But the news this film exists fills me with mild joy – not the same level of joy you would find were Crank 3 to receive its first trailer treatment, or the delight that would accompany the announcement that Dumb and Dumber 2 is still coming with Jim Carrey attached…

…I like high brow films too, shut up.

But still, some joy accompanies this trailer. Because I like Luc Besson’s simplicity and minor insanity, and he’s involved again. I like Liam Neeson, because he’s Liam Neeson. I like action films. I liked the base levels the original Taken tapped into – revenge; the need to protect those you love; massive violence; beating up foreigners. I liked it all a lot, and I can already see I’m going to like the second movie.

Even if it’s shit.

Also: I really like how the reason his family gets fucked with this time is revenge for the quest of destruction Neeson went on in the first film. It’s like a feature-length version of the original Austin Powers’ ‘nobody ever thinks about the henchmen’ skits.

Really, though – can we get Crank 3 any time soon, please?

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