Read lots

When you read advice from authors about how to ‘become a writer’ or write a book of your of your own or whatever they always offer one nugget of advice: read lots.

Well, actually they offer lots of similar-sounding chunks of information, be it helpful or not. They also say write lots. And things like ‘do it or don’t do it’. Also: don’t try. But yeah – read lots pops up a lot.

I think I’ve just figured out why. I’ve just finished reading The Death Of WCW – something I’ve been meaning to read since it came out in 2004 – and it’s really hammered home the ‘read lots’ ethos. It’s simple enough: a fact-based look back at one of the most spectacular implosions in entertainment business history, seeing a company being the biggest and best in the world at what it did to being an abject failure worth next to nothing in the space of two-three years.

It’s interesting, it hits all the right spots (HA HA WRESTLING TERM) and it told me things I didn’t know.

But it’s also taught me that if I do ever get around to writing a book of any kind, especially a fact-based one, I will read it back to myself a few times. Because it seems the writers of this one didn’t. Either that or they’re so devoid of anything actually different to say that they feel the need to repeat themselves a dozen times through the book.

“Who would have guessed that Ted Turner wouldn’t be there to save them in the end? Certainly not Eric Bischoff.” (not verbatim) or something similar is repeated far too many times. The general skeleton of what happened – failing business lucks out, goes good, egos and idiocy gets in the way, loses loads of money, folds – is repeated far too many times. Pull-back-and-reveal ‘but he wasn’t a good enough businessman!’ paragraphs are repeated far too many times.

It repeats far too many times.

So, thanks to reading lots, I now know how I will write my first fact-based wrestling book. Or not write, as the case may be, because I don’t want to repeat far too many times.

Still, good book. 7/10


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