Tidy tidy moth moth

It began like any other day: a leap from bed, a quick wazz and, almost shaking with sheer motivation, the big chore began. I would tidy my room today, and it would be like every other time I’d done it in that… wait, what?

No, it began like no other day has ever began in this flat. The place wasn’t a total shit tip, but I hadn’t actually properly tidied it. Ever. Since moving in April 2010.

Yeah, I’m a scumbag whatever get over it.

But this morning I genuinely awoke with some motivation to tidy the place. And for once, rather than letting said motivation slide by the wayside as I occupied my mind with other things, I actually followed through.

Now it’s taken a while and the results aren’t what I’d call brilliant – I’m not one of nature’s tidiers – but I now have a cleanish flat. To the point I’m less embarrassed for people to come around.

That’s not an invite, as I hate you all and I want to play Binary Domain for the rest of the day.

One thing though: seems the ton of little moths in my room isn’t just because I have had my windows open for two years. Seems the little buggers have been going through one of those whole ‘circle of life’ things I’ve heard so much about.

What this means is there are now patches of moth-eaten carpet in my flat. Which is… odd. Shall have to get some green spraypaint to hide the fact.

Also: I fixed my camera and my wardrobe, the latter of which involved hammering. Yes folks: today I was allowed to use my hammer legitimately.

A good day. Now: coffee.

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