A Mars a day

I’d say it’s highly unlikely I’m ever going to go to Mars, for a number of reasons. Much as I want to move there for a job as a miner and aid in a worker’s uprising, battling an evil corporation that only wants to control the money and doesn’t care about the people, it’s probably not going to happen.

Firstly, because they probably won’t start commercial flights to Mars in my lifetime, and if they do I’ll be too old to go by then. I base this on guesswork, as nobody has told me otherwise. Because I haven’t asked.

Second, I am not a trained miner, so they clearly wouldn’t hire me anyway. It’s not like you can get a job in a skilled profession without qualifications is it unless it’s games journalism.

Third, if they did start commercial flights out to the ‘Red Planet’, as I have never called it before but I think the name will catch on, I wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket. That is unless Megabus starts offering services, which is something I would definitely trust to not kill everyone on board. I mean, a company that half the time doesn’t even have a working toilet on a bus is clearly able to take people on an interplanetary journey, right?

Fourth, I’m probably busy that day. By that I mean ‘busy being too scared’ because come on it would be terrifying going into space. Flying is bad enough. Driving slightly too fast is bad enough. I am a coward, shut up.

Anyway, all of this because NASA has released a panoramic image of the surface of Mars. And being a classic sci-fi nerd that I am, I fucking love Mars.


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