I’ve done a couple of bits here about my dislike for the sponsorship event taking over the country at the end of this month (also there’s some sports but who cares EAT YOUR MCDONALDS), but apparently I missed something.

See, according the London 2012 Olympics official rules, you’re not allowed to slag the games off while linking to the site. That is, the shitty corporateageddon nonsense that the country is woefully underprepared for, that few people I know of care much about and that will do nothing but piss a lot of people off as they are unable to go about things in a normal fashion, instead having to make compromises for some shit they do not care about.

Also: you’ll be having every single product in the world with an Olympics logo slammed down your throat and WOE BETIDE anyone who isn’t on board with Team GB and everything they fucking advertise.

But yeah, you’re not allowed to link to it, like this, if you’re talking about it in negative terms.

Good luck in policing that one, Olympics (London 2012) people. You do realise the internet always wins, yeah? Yeah.

The Olympics are shit (I know this before they’ve happened) and in the immortal words of Chris Morris: I HATE SEBASTIAN COE. Come at me, Coe.


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