Potential Kickstarter projects version 2.3

As is the current trend with this blog – and the internet in general – I’m resorting to lists when I can’t think of anything really interesting to write.

In other words I should have been resorting to lists since I started this thing.

Because, like, it’s not interesting. Nothing I write is interesting. So I should have just done lists instead, because like I said they’re what people do when they can’t think of anything interesting to write.


Anyway, spurred on by the lure of wanting to make people put their money into something, I have decided I will do a Kickstarter on something I make. Like, a graphic novel, or that kids book I did if Morgan ever pulls his hoof out and draws me some horses*. Here’s a list (owing to previously-mentioned lack of creativity on my part, as well as the fact I want out of this uncomfortable chair to go sit in a more comfortable one) of things I could do:

The kids book, which I haven’t looked at in so long I’ve forgotten what it’s called
Here, to remind you, is an adorable child adorably reading it out. I got no money for this, which has pissed me off as it’s the greatest literary work of this, or any, century.

A graphic novel
This relies on having someone at hand to do art, as I am shit at drawing. I choose this over a standard, non-art-needing novel though, as it would suit my abilities more. As in, I still see novels as needing to be a lot more words and of a lot higher quality than graphic novels, so I’m aiming low. I am well aware how wrong this viewpoint is, by the way. Allow me my intentional ignorance.

An invention
I don’t know what the invention would be though, so that’s a bit of a sticking point. Either way I’m going to ask for £2.4 million to fund whatever it is. Flavoured pen lids or something, probably.

A Persian hammock business
Spurred on by the knowledge you can get Persian rug mouse mats, I have decided Persian hammocks should be a thing. If they’re not already. This will need about £20 initial funding, I’d say.

A wodge of cash so I can fuck off somewhere else and be bored with life in another country
That’s a service everyone would happily pay for, right? Yeah. FUND ME.

*Not having a go, Rich, just thought I’d publicly chew you out**

**Also I love you***

***Not in a gay way****

****In a SUPER gay way


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