I’ve just seen this linked on Twitter and it’s one of the most painfully unfunny, embarrassing pieces of crap I’ve ever seen. Apart from the first image, which is brilliant.

Instead of doing the usual internet thing of slagging off from afar and leaving it at that, I’ve decided – graciously and forgoing all pay – to come up with a few, better, videogame-related jokes.

No apologies if you have no grounding in gaming. I probably don’t like you if you don’t anyway. YOU POOR FOOLS.


-Why did Master Chief cross the road?

To get away from the unimaginative tossers who named him!

-Which is the best civilization?

Sid Meier’s!

-Knock knock.
Who is there?
Joy of whom?

-Why did Frank Welker almost opt out of his Bogus Journey?

Because they almost didn’t let him Play Station!

-What did the geek say to the dork?

Dweeb off, nerd!


I think that suitably brings the quality of jokes about gaming on the internet up by about 4,300%. You can thank me later, mainly with money.


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