Good weekend; backed hard

I am very tired right now, and it’s not even 8pm. Seems that’s the way it is when you hit 29. But it also seems other things happen when you’re 29, including (but not limited to):

-Scoring a goal.

-Getting double-dollop ice cream and walking along the pier as it melts like a bastard all over your hand and nearby German girls laugh at you as you stroll past frantically licking your own paw.

-Being unable to skim any stones, at all, no matter how many you throw.

-Scoring an own goal.

-Shouting at people for celebrating a 30th birthday in the same pub you’re doing the less-landmarkish 29th.

-Having fun.

-Getting mystery t-shirts that turn out to be from your dad making a joke about Rotherham United’s new ground.

-Falling in love with another barmaid (beautiful and give you booze: LOVE LOVE LOVE).

-Getting sent wrestling paraphernalia as a present.

-Stopping writing a blog so you can order pizza because SHUT UP I EARNED IT FOR BEING NICE TO PEOPLE.

Good weekend; backed hard.

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