I’m sorry that it took so long to write this blog, but I gave up

Just to clarify: I am not happy that Tony Sly is dead. Even though I have barely listened to No Use For A Name since Hard Rock Bottom came out in the early noughties and I would by no means class them as a favourite band, this does not change the fact that I am a bit cut up about a hero from my teenage years being dead.

I have no idea why he is dead. Though that’s mainly because no details have been released right now. I once shared pizza with this man (and the rest of the band) while waiting for my friends to show up at the Manchester Academy (2, they were never big enough for 1). He saw I was sat on my own, looking bored/annoyed and offered me food and some brief conversation. Classy gent. Then for some reason we missed the band’s first song, which was the main song I wanted to hear them play.

So just for the sake of it – and for the sake of the fact I do still love this song, here it is:

41. A fucking shame. I actually really liked his voice.


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