Curiosity and Pacer ha ha the first word has two meanings ha ha I am good with words haaaaaa

I’m having one of those ‘fucking hell we live in the future’ moments right now. It’s been a good day for it, let me have some vague positivity for once.

First came the news that NASA – those slackers who never do anything of note – ‘shot a hole in one over 200 million kilometres with a brand new ball and an untested putter’, as I paraphrase the guy on Reddit saying.

The phenomenonality – it is a word – of the whole thing just amazes me. They landed the little bugger Curiosity (‘little’ in the sense it’s the size of a car, I think) in a crater. That they aimed for. On Mars. Mars is not this planet. It’s another planet. One quite far away. It had a hovering crane lower it to the ground. And now it’s on Mars. Which is another planet.

I’ve mentioned before the love I have for Mars, so any Mars-news gives me a science boner. And not to go straight back to Reddit, but the Twitter comment stating ‘hey religion, while you’ve been arguing over what chicken sandwich you’re allowed to eat, we’ve gone and landed on Mars. Yours, science.’

Ooh, or the one-up America meme of: ‘Britain hosts Olympics? AMERICA LANDS ON MARS.’

I like memes. And I like how Curiosity is Tweeting in nerd-speak and memes and shit.

I like Mars stuff.


Oh the other thing was asking about some music, being sent to the page it’s on, listening to the music for free and legally, then paying money for it even though they ask for £0. So there’s that.

I have too much work to do to make this have any real point.

I like NASA. Give them more money please.


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