I’m not in recruitment, hard as that may be to believe, but as I have access to our mag’s main email address I do see a lot of people applying for jobs speculatively. As such, I see a lot of application emails and CVs.

You know how at school when you’re taught about writing CVs, or at any point in your life when you’ve thought about writing anything that is in any way official or meant to look professional in any way, shape or form, you always make sure it… well, is professional in any way, shape or form?

You know how you’d laugh when you were told the horror stories of people misspelling their own names, addressing applications to the wrong company, leaving elements like [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE] in the covering letter or even insulting the people they’re applying to?

You know how you might think your own qualifications aren’t all that great; that you’ve accomplished something but not very much and you are lucky to be anywhere near the job you have considering the fact there must – there simply must – be people out there so much more talented and qualified than you are?

Yeah, that.

I’m not saying people are fucking thick, but let’s be honest: people are fucking thick.

If you’re going to apply for a job as a writer, even if it is speculatively and you don’t think you have a chance in hell of getting anywhere, make sure you spell correctly. Just… do that. Even if it isn’t a writing job. If it’s just anything, ever. Unless it’s a job as an intentional misspeller, in which case you can steal a trick on all the other applicants by showing you’ve got moxie.

I never want to work in recruitment. It would ruin an already very much ruined outlook on the human race for me.


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