Have I complained about train prices before? I forget if I’ve brought them up repeatedly over the last nearly-1000 blogs I’ve written in (almost) consecutive days. Have I? Hmm. Let’s see.

Would I want to write about something that is unnecessarily expensive? I’m not sure. Would I want to write about how even though it’s priced at more than a fucking plane ride – a flight in a metal tube at hundreds of miles an hour in the sky – the quality of service is often lacking? I really don’t know.

Would I want to write about the fact that I have never, ever bought a train ticket – excluding advance fares (that are cheap increasingly rarely) – that I have then thought ‘oh, that’s good value actually’? I really cannot come up with an answer.

Would I have the inclination to write something about how train fares rise at a rate far beyond that of inflation and are some of the priciest in the whole of Europe, thanks to a reliance on a totally non-competitive privatised system that is, for all intents and purposes, a territorially monopolised system? I’m drawing blanks here.

Even though I don’t buy them, would I want to highlight that season ticket prices could rise by £1,000 over the next five-or-so years? I have to give a shrug of the shoulders to answer.

Would I be the type of person to highlight in their blog that it seems that train companies run borderline racketeering ‘services’ for those who require the ability to travel around the country, away from roads and that this system would be far less likely to exist if we had a state-run public transport system like we fucking should have? I… hmm.

I think I’ve just come up with the answer to all of these questions: no.

Because instead I’ll write about funny dogs or something.


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