The tale of Deadtop, the dead laptop

The gods of computing (I reckon they exist) have a cruel sense of humour. “Hah!” they laugh, laughingly, “Ian has a wodge of work to do this evening, so let’s make his laptop die for no real reason thus forcing him into the uncomfortable, but ultimately functional, arms of Tiny Laptop!” they add, pausing between some words for dramatic effect.

And so their plan comes to fruition, and my laptop dies a death, and no I can’t fix it right now even though I think I know what needs to be done (blind BIOS flash, but that needs me to burn a boot CD and seeing as the laptop is dead I have no way of burning any CD at all). It’s a sad state of affairs.

Mainly because this keyboard is only 95% the size of a standard keyboard, so I’m missing key-presses by millimetres. But also because it’s caused the first-world problem of: My computer broke, so I have to use my second computer to type this.

Anyway, I’m also thinking it’s the nudge I need to get into the whole ‘buying a new PC’ thing I’ve been threatening for so long. One minor (major) drawback is not having enough money, as the savings I was building up have been building down (it’s a thing) for the last few months. Can someone loan me £500 to add to my whopping £400 savings? No? Selfish bastards.

Shit, shouldn’t reveal how much I have in savings – all the gold diggers will be after me now.

Anyway, I would only be fazed by this if I didn’t have a back up laptop and/or my hard drive had suffered catastrophic failure. Music, movies and games are replaceable – my photos and documents are not, and I haven’t backed up the photos for a few months now.

In summary: I need a new PC.

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