Went ape

I am scared of heights, still, and not even a trip to Go Ape has convinced me otherwise.

What it has shown me, though, is that I am better with heights when I both don’t look at the floor and when there are others around me who are also shitting themselves.

Gone are the days of PE at school, reaching the top of the climbing frame and freezing because IT’S TOO HIGH AND I MIGHT FALL. Gone are the days of bricking it when walking on any kind of raised walkway with the ground visible far beneath it (pier, rickety bridge, glass sky-tube). Gone are the days of… the other things I can’t think of.

Well, gone for today at least. Because I went up trees, I climbed across things, through things, over things, I swung from ropes and went down ziplines and I did not die.

Admittedly all of this was done with about 32,000 safety precautions and it’s basically impossible to fail any challenge put in front of you, plus the fall height – while it would have been painful – probably wouldn’t have killed me. Especially if I’d landed in the bush I had my eye on.

But still, I’m the hero you all knew you wanted, but didn’t know where to look for.


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