Monday Monkey lives for the weekend

Sometimes science does wonderful things, like apparently prove things that are quite clearly obvious.

You see, Monday Monkey does indeed live for the weekend. But Monday Monkey does not just hate Mondays. Monday Monkey hates Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays too. Not Fridays. Monday Monkey lives for the weekend, and the weekend comes very soon after – or technically during – Friday. So Fridays are good.

What I’m saying is, science of some sort has shown that people generally hate working, because they have to work, and having to work is shit and unnatural. And our ape brains don’t like it. Because, when you think about it, why the fuck would you?

Anyway, I also hate working on this blog so I’m not going to do any more of it today. I have other things to do and I’ve left it a bit too late and I have a yoghurt waiting for me in the fridge and some other excuses I haven’t quite thought of yet.


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