I would love to believe in conspiracy theories, but I just can’t bring myself to. Well, most of the time at least. Well, some of the time. Well, with the more overblown ones, at the very least.

Neil Armstrong dying and everyone then talking about the moon landings is obviously why this has come up in my mind, as you seem them come running out from everywhere to shout conspiracy before his corpse is even cooling. And much as I am the kind of person who won’t believe a thing told to me (unless I’m drunk or it’s a pretty girl telling me), I do still believe we, as in humans, landed on the moon.

Just as I don’t believe the September 11 attacks were orchestrated by the US government.

Just as I don’t think Area 51 has a crashed UFO and some alien corpses.

Just as I see most of the X-Files storylines as storylines, and not people overtly admitting to these things being real.

But it’s not because I think those in charge wouldn’t lie to us – they do that all the time, about the stupidest of things. It’s not because I don’t think they want to control information and, as a result, the people. Of course they do. Those in charge want to remain in charge, so they want all the power.

That’s natural. Accepted. They lie, cheat and steal like Eddie Guerrero.

But they’re not good enough for proper conspiracies. They’re too dumb. Too disorganised. Too crap to pull off these things.

If the moon landings were fake, they would have used better-quality footage. They just would. They’d be too dumb to think ‘make it poor quality so it looks authentic’. They’d make sure Armstrong’s first words were actually correct and what he meant to say, not missing an ‘a’. They’d do it at a more palatable time for a world audience, not the wee hours of whatever for whoever – to maximise those who saw it and so those who are impressed by it.

They’d probably put advertising on it too, actually.

But they didn’t. They’re too dumb to fake it. Ditto for all the others.

But the best conspiracy theory on the moon landings? “Well if it was real, why didn’t they go back?”

Sigh. No hope.


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2 responses to “WE LANDED ON THE MOON!

  1. But… they did go back. Apollos 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 all made lunar landings. Apollo 17 was on the moon’s surface for more than three days.

    (I realise you probably know this already.)

    • I indicated, though didn’t explicitly state that I do indeed know that. It’s why I believe there’s no hope. I couldn’t even be bothered going “SHUT UP AND DIE YOU IDIOTS”.


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