Brody (“broken body”)

What doesn’t work properly on your body? I’m sat here wiggling my left ankle and hearing the rather loud clicks it does every single rotation, and wondering: how broken are we all?

I mean, I’m not entirely active, or exciting, or the sort of person who bungee jumps off the biggest things in the world just because they’re there or, even, leaves the house much.

I am boring. I don’t do much. Or move much. Or live much of a life.

But my body is still broken in numerous ways.

So it makes me think: how broken are those that actually do things? I’ve seen the likes of the professionals like Mick Foley or Tony Hawk and their multitude of bodily fuck-ups, but what about normal people?

How many bits of you click? How many joints don’t join? How many knees have you had replaced? How many times do you want to run but can’t because your fucking ankle won’t let you move without it hurting like a bastard?

Just how fucked up are you? Because I’ve never done anything, and I’ve still entirely broken my body.

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