Pants on fire

It still bewilders me every single time it happens, how those in charge or those wishing to be in charge simply lie to people – to their faces, with the facts easily checkable by anyone – in order to get their way.

I mean, lying on a personal level is sometimes acceptable; sometimes necessary. Lying to a few people? Same again. Lying to more? It might get a bit hazy, unless you’re Batman and you have to lie to them to make them think they’re all going to be perfectly safe when actually you don’t know if they will be.

I’m not Batman. I tend not to lie. I lie sometimes. Everyone does. But I don’t make a thing of it. I make a thing of being honest, or just sidestepping the truth. The latter is see-through, but it is also very easy to do.

But outright lying to an entire country? That’s impressive. That’s moxie. Balls. Idiocy.

I have little to add beyond this. I’ve been paying attention to the US election run-up as always, but I haven’t been paying as close attention as I have in elections past.

But even without looking as close as I have in the past, I can still see it’s insanity on the part of the Republicans. Actual, genuine insanity. I have no idea what these people are doing, and I have even less idea of the sorts of people who would actually vote for them.

We say we’re not that different from the Yanks, but then the crazies come out to play and you realise we are quite very different. We have cunts in charge, but not insane cunts. Just ruthless, terrible, monumental cunts. Liars too, no doubt. But they’re just not as wacky and weird as in Yank politics.

There’s no structured thinking to this blog at all. Meaning I should get into politics (or a joke that’s better).

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