Abandon all

We should be teaching our kids (not mine; don’t have any) differently. We bring them up to believe in the power of trying. We bring them up to believe they can be anything if they put their minds to it. We bring them up to believe in hope.

Can’t we stop foisting this nonsense off on them and just bring them up with honesty and realism? If you’re born into a certain type of living – a certain way of life – the odds of you scraping out of it are miniscule.

If you want to be anything, you tend not to be able to be anything. Wealth, status, intellectual potential, disability, not having quite good enough eyesight, being a bit short/tall – it can all scupper the plans you have to be anything. So why bother?

And hope? Fuck hope. Hope is a disease. Hope eats away at you inside, making you believe that just maybe things could be different this time – just maybe things will actually turn out alright for once and you won’t be left, once again, feeling like shit.

Hope makes you lie to yourself in order to believe things you know can’t be true. Hope makes you dream up situations that could never be, while at the same time clouding your judgement so much you don’t even realise you’re being ridiculous.

Hope is a cancer. Fuck hope.

Fuck Hope, too. He was laaaaame*.

In the words of Face To Face: “don’t become a realist”. In the words of me: “fuck you, I’m becoming more of a realist than ever before, with a liberal dash of cynic for good measure because shut up that’s why”.

But hey, kids – never forget you can all be astronauts if you just try hard enough! Even you, little Gaz who grows up on an estate with an abusive stepdad and distant, alcoholic mother – you’ll definitely be able to get there if you just try with absolutely no outside help whatsoever! Just keep on hoping! That definitely won’t contribute to the massive disappointment you’ll feel when it finally sinks in that you’re destined to work in Staples the rest of your life!

I’m in a good mood.

*Final Fantasy XIII reference eff tee dubya.


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