Many a time do I get annoyed with others for getting nostalgia mixed up with ‘things that were good’. Oftentimes – if not every single time without question – things in the past were shit and you’re remembering them wrong.

See, for example, my waffling about school the other day (he adds to make it seem like he pays attention to anything he writes and definitely knew there would be some hypocrisy coming up in saying this).

But people do often go “WOW THE PAST WAS MEGA-GOOD AND STUFF AND JUNK” and I have to laugh heartily in their faces, slap them up side the head then lecture them as to why they’re stupid, wrong and ugly.

Then I remember I still love the animated Transformers movie.

By all logical, rational, objective thought it’s a bit shit. If I showed it to someone of my age who had not seen it before, it’s doubtful they’d get much apart from a curious giggle out of it, mainly for the music.

But does that matter? Does it balls. It’s the film that left me utterly inconsolable when my true, genuine, bona-fide hero Optimus Prime was murdered by that cunt Megatron. It’s the film with that soundtrack. It’s the film where Ultra Magnus is just shit. It’s the film where I never liked Hot Rod because he’s too obvious and clearly nowhere near as heroic as Optimus Prime.

And what the fuck is Rodimus Prime for a name anyway?

So yeah, that. I have to get back to work. I’m writing about Transformers. Transformers on the brain.


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