I’ll bash you silly, you cad

Have any of you ever threatened someone with a real movie-quality threat? Regardless of what it was for, or even how jokey a threat it was. I mean, I don’t even think I’ve ever threatened anyone about anything.

Maybe “you do that and you’re a prick”, but that’s less a threat more of a statement of pure fact.

“If you spill my drink again I will be miffed, but then quietly slink off and buy a new one rather than suffer the indignity of having my face punched repeatedly”. Less of a threat, more of a How People Are.

Which is why it makes videos like this (watch it all the way just for the last one) even better – because hardly any of us have ever even had cause to threaten another person, never mind be creative with said threats:

Zat’s it for today. Good job Parappa, you can go on to the next stage now.


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