I loved dinosaurs when I was wee – they were ace. Giant stomping balls of fury with huge claws and teeth, bigger than the biggest thing I could imagine (buses) and, in the dinosaur books and magazines I had, always stared down by a man in a hat with a hammer.

But then they got, like the comic above says (right click and view image to see all of it), a bit odd. Feathered. Which makes them like birds. And man, screw birds. I mean, birds are awesome and do funny things and can talk and are excellent hunters and oh! the flying and lots of other things, but… well, no, birds are great.

And so are modern dinosaurs. Feathered? That’s just badass.

I loved planets when I was a kid. Space just seemed such a magical place, the purest, truest form of everything that is – no confusion of people, morals, reasoning, bickering, idiocy. Just… there. Space. Planets. Shit like that. Amazing. Genuinely.

But then they went and, like, said Pluto isn’t a planet. And man, screw Pluto not being a planet. I mean, it was always a shit planet anyway and nobody ever really cared about Pluto (because man, fuck Pluto), but… well, no. Non-planet Pluto is great.

And so are all the other modern planets and space and all that shit.

I loved vidyagames when I was a kid. Games just seemed like incredible windows into worlds I could only imagine – a dystopian future like none I would ever see, a sporting experience the likes of which I could never experience.

But then games went all modern and stopped being shit and made by a stupid bastard on his own in his bedroom. And man, screw vidyagames not being… ah, sod that.

Living in the future is better than living in the stupid past.


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