The Geoffrey List

I am a man of some principles, known to react to things and make decisions based on said princi..pal..ities… or something.

I’m not insane with them, I don’t think, but I do like to think it helps me retain some humanity – some link to the little people I may have otherwise left behind in my rock and/or roll lifestyle.

One thing I like to do is hold grudges against companies, placing them into my boycotted list and never giving them my business. The fuckers. Here’s the list in full, as it currently stands:

The place where they do the magically wonderful shakes? How could I boycott such a delicious treat-giver? Because once I saw the horribly gaudy Shakeaway car cut off a sirens-blaring ambulance on a roundabout. So fuck you, Shakeaway.

Apple Solar Energy
This is a new one and the reason this blog is being written. I was walking home, got to the traffic lights, pressed the button and they turned red. For the record, this means cars are to stop to allow pedestrians a few seconds in which to cross the road. Apparently one employee of Apple Solar Energy does not understand this concept, as he blared through a red light while I was crossing the road. Fuck you, you inconsiderate prick. I hope you hit a child one day, if only so you end up in prison.

Because it’s cool to hate Nestle. Also I can live without Milky Bar. Fuck that shit.

This is a selective boycott I am willing to admit, and only functions when I am not hungover or so depressed I just have to have some horrible salty food inside me right there and then. Stupid delicious junk.

That Lloyd’s in Sheffield
Because they asked me for ID once, I showed them my ID (I was 18) and they then asked me to leave anyway. I mean, I dressed like a cunt but really? Throwing me out for it? Fuck you, you’re a Wetherspoons. You have no standards. Nor have you had my custom for the last 11 years.

I just don’t buy Ubisoft games. They’re horrible to their customers, so why should I bother? Oh, apart from Beyond Good & Evil. Oh, and I get most of my games free so ignore this one.

That’s about all I can think of right now. BYE.


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