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Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling

I missed yesterday as there was a power cut. My kingdom for a dΏngle.

I went bowling last night for the first time since… well, last year. So not as dramatic an amount of time as I would have hoped for this introduction. Oh well, it’s not as flat as some of my intros have been, nor is it as dull. Not that I’m saying it isn’t dull, just that there are some far worse intros to blogs on this very blog site right here. Ya dig?

Anyway, I am now to be known simply as “174”. Not because I like being a number over an individual – faceless, corporate, a nothing to be discarded when the machinations of… I’ll stop that. My mind isn’t really in this. It should have been written last night. Screw you electric company for arranging to cut our power for a bit for “essential maintenance”. I think they had to cram more electric in the pipes or something.

Anyway again, I would like to now be known as “174” as that is the score I achieved at bowling of the ten pin variety. This is the highest score I have ever achieved at bowling, and my run included the first time I have ever bagged a ‘turkey’ (three strikes in a row, fact fans). This is very good for me for two reasons: one, I am not very good at any sports, and two – which ties in very closely with one – not a lot of people in the general populace are very good at bowling. This combination means that even a shit score, like 174, is enough to be in the running for Top Score Of Anyone From Work Who Played Last Night.

This makes me happy. Go with it.

P.S. I haven’t even made the audacious claim that overall I beat Aaron. He may go with some ridiculous “two games to one” logic, but I’m going with an overall standings thing here. My twice in second and once in first versus his twice in first and once in fourth = I WIN. Undeniable fact.

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