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I used to watch the Adam West version of Batman when I was a wee ‘un. I don’t remember when it was on, but it was definitely on regularly and I definitely enjoyed watching it, because Batman is awesome and it was genuinely very entertaining.

It made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me worry for ol’ Bats when he was tied up in something with a really slow mechanism about to kill him (in about 30 minutes). But I never viewed it in any knowing, or ironic fashion.

Then I got to that age where you start hating everything you loved, and I ignored Batman (the Adam West version). I forgot about it, and wrote it off.

Then during uni Batman: The Movie (the Adam West version) was picked up. It was watched. With the benefit of the ability to discern between Things That Are Entirely Serious and Things That Are Not Entirely Serious, it suddenly became apparent to me that Batman (the Adam West version) was actually one giant knowing wink to the audience.

And it’s bloody brilliant for it.

I’m watching it right now and it doesn’t disappoint. The jaunty camera angles every time a bad guy is on screen, dealing in bright, vivid colours, Bats preaching the merits of checking – and re-checking – your bat-equipment (not a euphemism), biffzockpow, the way the Dynamic Duo run everywhere, the way Batsies is hilariously polite to everyone.

It’s just great. More like this please.

Makes you wonder why you need a grizzly-voiced idiot who is hated by the police fighting a smack-addled half-clown in an ill-fitting nurse’s outfit. Though that also has its place, obviously.

And Adam West is clearly having a hoot in every single episode. Of Batman. The Adam West version.

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Some shit blog about not liking superheroes

I’ve never really been big on superheroes. Shocking I know, what with me being both male and a massive geek. But they’ve never really done it for me, beyond a tiny amount of interest and a bit more when the superhero movies got all popular and sheeit.

I see absolutely no appeal in Superman. He’s the cheat code of the superhero world, and anyone who likes him is clearly a prick (apart from you, Mike). What’s that? Insurmountable odds? Oh, he can just beat them by being better and inventing powers we didn’t know he had. And Smallville is shit.

Spider-Man? Irritating prick. Batman? Not a real superhero. Robin? Dislikeable tights. Fantastic Four? Not enough Jessica Alba. Plastic Man? I don’t even know who he is, or if he’s even a good guy. Wolverine? Too popular/Hugh Jackmanny. Beer  Keg Man? I just invented him

In fact, the only one I really like is Preacher. Problem being, he isn’t a superhero. Also he didn’t use his power nearly enough, which was annoying. I mean, it was the Voice Of God – if he tells you to do something, you do it. Hence the “go fuck yourself” line providing endless hilarity. Hey ho.

Generally speaking though, most of these bastards leave me cold. Sorry, lost some geek points there I’m sure.

Oh, I also love The Punisher, but he had no powers. Just MASSIVE FUCKING GUNS. So I can justify that to myself.

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