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Groezrock A-GO-GO

There’s a tinysmall chance you’ll get a blog tomorrow, but I seriously doubt it. I am, as I have done in the past, going to a place where I won’t have any internet. As such, I am out of the loop until about next Wednesday.

Well, unless they have wifi on the campsite, in which case YEAH TECHNOCAMP.

Tomorrow I am off to Groezrock. Well, actually I’m off to Belgium. I don’t even know what the plan is beyond ‘I get to Luton at some point and get in a recreational vehicle (“RV”), then we drive somewhere and end up in Belgium’.

I know at some point, though, we will end up in Meerhout, somewhere near Antwerp or in Antwerp or something to do with Antwerp or oh god I wish I knew Belgian geography.

Anyway, once in that place, we will then proceed to watch some bands, drink some drinks, eat some food and oh I’ve just remembered to get my ear plugs – have some sleep.

That’s not in italics because I’m being euphemistic – I mean to emphasise the fact that I will sleep this time around, unlike in Amsterdam.

Anyway, yes. I will see Belvedere. Regardless of all the other brilliant and excellent and wonderful bands I will see, this makes me stupidly happy. Even though other bands I will see will be better in so many ways, it doesn’t matter, because… just… Belvedere. Okay?


See you on Wednesday. Unless I see you earlier.

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Stone Cold and Belvedere, pretty much

I gave up all hope of ever seeing them. I don’t think they came over here often, if at all. Also: ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod Belvedere. They do a song about Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Anyway, here’s some Stone Cold and some Belvedere. I don’t give a fuck if it doesn’t give you a full-on robot chubby like it does me.

(That’s the best video I’ve ever seen WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT)

(I’ve changed my mind this is the best video I’ve ever seen I’m going to do this all night)


(Aaaand I’m done)

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