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The mega end of year thing where I do a half-arsed “funny” list

Phew – thank Thor 2010 is over. It had outstayed its welcome truth be told, and if I’m being extra mean I would add that it had developed a bit of a stale, almost rotten smell. Something like bad beans. You know the type.

Having said all that, 2010 did have its moments. Though most of them were stupid, rubbish and pointless. Still, it had enough things that I can make a list of the best events of 2010, from a few categories I’m about to come up with off the top of my head. LIST: GO!

Best blog: Everyone who did #oneaday beyond, like, a month. Though mine is obviously, naturally the best.

Best ultimate review of the year (7/10): Obviously the official answer has to be ‘all of them’. But to make this at least a little more interesting, I’m going to throw in my personal choice: I’d have to go with ‘all of them’, as ‘all of them’ is the bestest. 7/10

Best would-be Eurovision Song Contest winner of the year: Ian Dransfield.

Game of the year: For what it attempted, what it did and the fact that it was a hell of a lot better than most fucking morons on the internet would have you believe, Heavy Rain. But for the ‘I had a shitload of fun from start to finish, though it did nothing actually new’, I’d go with Bayonetta.

Best stuff I did this year: Went to three countries I’d never been to before (and really wanted to go to anyway, and four if you’ll allow me Switzerland from Christmas 2009), didn’t get sacked, managed to be even more boring than I have ever been before, paid off a credit card and got rid of a loan, some other pointless shit.

Worst stuff I did this year: Remained 300 miles away from Anna for most of it. Nothing else comes close to being as shitty as that, even the act of killing five people. Ahem.

Stupid thing I decided to do of the year: Keep doing One A Day next year, beyond the finish date.

I am far too tired to think of anything funny or clever here, so I’m leaving it there. Hope your 2010 wasn’t as shit as it probably might have maybe been. And that 2011 is like twenty elevens, all curled up around your feet, farting gently.


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200th post spectacularrrrrrr

Well, this is post 200. Again I should reiterate that I expected to last a little over one week – seven-to-ten posts, I’d say. So it’s a phenomenal personal achievement to have managed to make it this far, even if the quality has been questionable at best. Let’s prove that statement by highlighting some of the entries from ‘the difficult second hundred’. GO:

The 101st entry was actually one I expected to get more response to, even though it got a reasonable one. What’s the matter? You all fear the fact that my opinions on comedians are clearly so much more powerful, sexy and right than yours? Go look again, anyway. Here. Or the Star Wars is shit list – have a look at that one too. List-o-rama here.

Does anyone remember the general election? I don’t. I erased it from my mind, even after this ridiculously long, self-pitying demi-rant I had about it. GO. Speaking of self-pity, why did nobody donate to this worthwhile cause? Bastards.

This made me laugh, and still does. iPad wankers. And this still makes me so ridiculously happy – to the point that I remembered it earlier and it made me do a ‘laugh out loud’. Ah, Chaddock. You massive fanny.

Dranfield’s investigative journalism hit a new high with this little ditty, which crap as it is I’m actually a tiny bit proud of. Only a tiny bit though. PORNSTARS. Whereas my investigative opinion-having seems to have paid off with regards to Futurama, which has indeed come back and has indeed turned out to still be great. Well done there.

This got six whole comments, so why not re-link? And this has Youtube videos (and amazing comedy), so why not re-link? As does this, actually.

My lovely girlfriend muscled her way into the act a few weeks ago, releasing this tirade on an unsuspecting public in what I hope was the first of a few guest blogs. So I don’t have to write as many. Is that cheating? Who knows. Whereas I soon followed it up with a shocking revelation – and I’m still not sure if I’m over it.

But my version of the McDonald’s poem, which I did the other day, is actually one of my favourite things I’ve done. I actually thought about it for more than ten minutes – yes, it isn’t amazing and could be a lot better – but it makes me laugh. And that’s all that matters.

Here’s to the next hundred. And sixty-five.

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100th episode spectacular

I was originally going to save this for the 138th edition of this blog and pay homage to The Simpsons in doing so, but sod it: this is the 100th entry to this here thing I expected to stop doing after a week. As such, let’s take a wacky, zany and altogether ker-azy look back at some of the most wonderful entries I’ve made. Yay for clip shows!

Of course, this is where it all began. The first entry. The bit where I admit to having copied the ideas of a few people, though neither of the One A Day twosome do this anymore. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

Then what about my still-frighteningly accurate Come Dine With Me menu? I really do need to be bothered enough to eat better. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

The favourite image debate is one that will be raging for months to come. In my head, at least. Still, it’s a toss-up between my love for clementines or the Trian Crash right now. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

It’s not the best thing ever written, but I do actually like my Future Is Sterile entry. So there. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

Then of course there are entries like Biffovision and The Best Joke Ever which you should look at because they give you something to watch. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

I think the most popular post, or at least the one that people mention the most to me, has to be Sweden: The Definitive Review (7/10). I have no idea why, mind you. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

Let’s see what the next hundred bring.

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