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Pitza Cano: an appreciation

What’s the best takeaway you’ve ever had? Mine is pizza, from a little pizzeria in Hyde Park, Leeds. It sits across the road from the World Famous Hyde Park Picture House (note: not world famous) and is called Pitza Cano. Yes, that spelling is correct.

I can’t claim to have eaten takeaway pizza from everywhere in the world – note I’m talking takeaway, not restaurant. Make the distinction. But yes, I haven’t eaten everywhere. Hard as that is to believe. But I’ve eaten a fair few places, and the best pizza I’ve had – from a takeaway – was from Cano.

It wasn’t even anything fancy – just pizzas made from scratch in front of your eyes, brushed with a little oil on the crust once finished. They just did them right. And deliciously. And OH the calzones. God they were great. I mean, Pietro’s in Parkgate was great, but Cano blew them out of the water.

And I haven’t been able to find any other takeaway anywhere I’ve lived that does pizza as good. I don’t consider Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s actual good pizza. It’s production line crap, though obviously not as bad as seemingly every other takeaway in the country. Fucking processed bases, shitty quality toppings and undercooked rubbish produced at the end of it.

I despair, I really do. Also I want a pizza. Any ACTUAL GOOD places in Bournemouth? You realise if you recommend somewhere that uses pre-prepared bases, super-cheap ham or a bad mixture of cheddar and mozzarella I am going to have you killed. Consider yourselves warned.

I’ve heard they’ve gone to shit recently, and this saddens me. But I’m still going to be paying them a visit when I’m in Leeds in July. Be rude not to, even if they do ruin my life by actually having gone shit.

[This article was modified 27 May as the author had erroneously claimed Pietro’s pizzeria was located in Rawmarsh. It is in fact Parkgate. The article has been changed accordingly. We apologise for any distress caused as a result of this mistake.]


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