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A personal appeal, though I have less terrifying eyes

Today, rather than spunking out some stupid thoughts and expecting you to read through them, I’m setting you an assignment. It goes like this:

Read this, chuckle a little that this exists somewhere in the space-tubes of the inter-world and then give some money to that terribly frightening man at the top of every Wikipedia page. It’s one of the best things that’s ever been invented and it costs about $18 million per year to run.

A free collection of all the information we have on pretty much anything. No adverts. All there. Free to access. For anyone who can get on it. Free to edit. Open to change. Evolving. It’s imperfect, there are some questionable elements and his face is terrifying. But it’s amazing, and if nothing else has, Wikipedia alone justifies the invention of the internet.

By Al Gore.

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