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100th episode spectacular

I was originally going to save this for the 138th edition of this blog and pay homage to The Simpsons in doing so, but sod it: this is the 100th entry to this here thing I expected to stop doing after a week. As such, let’s take a wacky, zany and altogether ker-azy look back at some of the most wonderful entries I’ve made. Yay for clip shows!

Of course, this is where it all began. The first entry. The bit where I admit to having copied the ideas of a few people, though neither of the One A Day twosome do this anymore. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

Then what about my still-frighteningly accurate Come Dine With Me menu? I really do need to be bothered enough to eat better. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

The favourite image debate is one that will be raging for months to come. In my head, at least. Still, it’s a toss-up between my love for clementines or the Trian Crash right now. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

It’s not the best thing ever written, but I do actually like my Future Is Sterile entry. So there. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

Then of course there are entries like Biffovision and The Best Joke Ever which you should look at because they give you something to watch. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

I think the most popular post, or at least the one that people mention the most to me, has to be Sweden: The Definitive Review (7/10). I have no idea why, mind you. I think it’s a prime example of how I have grown as a person.

Let’s see what the next hundred bring.

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Things you should watch: Biffovision

There are many things I can talk about that you may have watched, that I might not have watched or that everyone has watched. There are also times when I can tell you what you should have watched, as you probably haven’t watched it. It involves being elitist about the most elite of practices: watching telly/films/listening to music/playing games. All fine things to be arrogant about, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Today’s entry was a comedy pilot from BBC Three that you most likely haven’t seen. I say this as the only people I know who have seen it are people I made watch it, and the only reason I watched it is because an ex-games writer (now “deceased”) created the show with Tim Moore (also ex-Digitiser, I believe), and I always loved Mr Biffo. The show in question was Biffovision, envisaged as a complete series to be shown on BBC3 and something that would surely confuse all those with an inkling of sense in their brainpot, as it was actually really, really fucking funny.

The setup was a simple pastiche of Saturday morning kid’s shows (should that have a possessive apostrophe? PUNCTUATION IDIOT), but that’s about as normal as it gets. But while the likes of the Mighty Boosh disappeared up its own self-referential, increasingly unfunny, in-the-same-way-a-13-year-old-girl-is-random “random” arse, Biffovision was a delightful mix of surreal humour, vague pop culture reference and genuinely unexpected non-sequiturs. Frankly, it easily ranks as one of the funniest things I have ever seen committed to telly-vee.

I’m not about to do another lecture on what is funny and why, as that would take time. Plus Biffovision is something you really have to see, as it falls so very flat on explanation it’s hard to believe how it ever got considered, let alone a pilot episode. “His hat is a baguette” must have been a tough one to explain to the execs, after all. Still, Mr Biffo was always an incredible comedic wordsmith (I’m sure he still would be, were he not “dead”. Still, this Paul Rose chap is quite good, so I hear), using sound, confusion of meaning, intentional misuse of grammar (“WHO DONE THAT?”) and some of the dafter-sounding words of the English language to fantastic effect.

As I indicated, I don’t want to go through scenes here, so instead I’ll just show you some from Youtube. Realise this: if you don’t laugh at Biffovision, I will not be your friend anymore.

Also: the title of this blog comes from Professor Derek Doctors’ use of the word “prattle”, which is delivered wonderfully.

But hey – at least with the BBC deciding not to pick Biffovision up for a series it left more room for the likes of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps to continue, as well as the mind-expanding shows like Can Fat Teens Hunt? and Swap My Baby for a Goose. We all know the world is a better place for the channel’s ongoing greatness.

Coming soon on Things You Haven’t Read: Mr Biffo’s ‘Confessions of a Chatroom Freak’. One of the funniest books ever written.

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