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Fresh, half-baked post

It’s good to see that when a silly little project enters its second year, picks up more participants, is on the receiving end of better organisation, involves a couple of good causes and makes itself more welcoming (read: easier) for those who are incapable of its original goal it still gets slagged off by some sections.

Get a fucking grip.

I’m often dismissive and destructive in my opinions and actions towards people, places, things and other such stuff. But while I’m busy knocking things down (and not even noticing I’m doing it half the time, such is the ubiquity of my criticism), I am at least trying to bring something to the table. Be it a half-baked opinion, a bit of a rant, a kids book that took me a few hours to write (yet is something I have talked at people about for far longer), stupid irrelevant changes to my magazine or whatever else I have inevitably forgotten about. It’s something – it’s doing something, and as shit as it may be, as much as some may judge it irrelevant, pointless or just plain bad, in the words of Minor Threat: “at least I’m fucking trying”.

And yes, I do get off on self-righteously justifying my actions. I’ve done it many times before, I’ll do it many times… again.

Anyway, this was meant to be much longer and in-depth, measured and fair. But it isn’t because other things are taking precedence right now.


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Mega vote day 2010!

It’s voting day tomorrow, meaning we can all go out there and make a difference! Or not. We can go out there and try, pointlessly, to avert the disaster that would be a Tory government. But then, a Labour government would be a disaster. As would a Liberal Democrat one. They’re all different shades of shit. So what’s the point in voting? I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Right, let’s start again: tomorrow is voting day. Go out there and do whatever it is you want to do – vote for any party, spoil your ballot (do a poo on it!), don’t bother voting, whatever. It makes no difference to anything, as we’re all going to die horrible deaths when the sun explodes in a few months. Wait – what?

Third time lucky: you can go out and have your say in who should run the country tomorrow, so why not do it? You should definitely vote for the Liberal Democrat party – not because you’ve read any of their policies or have analysed and thought through the voting process as a whole, or because you’ve opted for a tactical vote*. No, you should vote for them because that seems to be what all the other kids are doing and we all want to fit in and seem cool! You miserable bag of cun…

Last try: Thursday the 6th of May is the day of the general election. You can go to a voting parlour where you will be given a complimentary handjob with every vote.

Sod this, I’m no good at political opinions or satire. Safe to say, I don’t care who you vote for, or if you even vote. Just remember that if you’re a Tory I will judge you. I am northern and from a not-incredibly-well-off background, so the thought of voting for those abject twats irritates me. Oh yeah, and if you vote for the BNP then you’re a hilarious satirist, or something.

*Bournemouth West, where I live, is a marginal seat for the Tories. Hence, the Lib Dems are actually getting my vote tomorrow.

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