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The shame of The Stack: extended

It just dawned on me that I don’t just have The Stack when it comes to videogames. And by that I don’t mean anything dirty – I mean a stack of unfinished or unplayed games that anybody who has taken a passing interesting in gaming will have, either literally or metaphorically.

I’ve had The Stack in other areas for years and not even noticed, but it’s just become clear to me just how great I am at accumulating things and how bad I am at doing what I’m supposed to do with them. I have a large box full of books, you see, and I’ve probably only read a quarter of them. I fully intend to read all of them, but it’s unlikely that I will for the next few years or something.

Yet I’ve just spent that last few days perusing Amazon for books I want to add to that particular stack.

Open my cupboard next to my bed and you’ll find hundreds of DVDs in there. Now there was once a time where there were hundreds more and I had barely watched half of them, but since the great eBay purges of the last few years it’s been mainly narrowed down to about 30-35% unwatched. A good ratio, I must say.

But when you take into account my hard drive of “LEGALLY ACQUIRED” movies, that percentage goes batshit in the wrong direction. Hoarding: it’s not the best thing to do.

But hey, at least it makes me feel a tiny bit better about not playing All The Games – I’m equally crap at following through on everything else, too.

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My issues with Reading. No, wait – reading.

I’m rubbish at reading. Well, I’m not rubbish at reading – I can read quite well, and reasonably fast. Though not as fast as ‘Freak Eyes’ Anna, my darling girlfriend. She could read War and Peace in about 20 minutes, such is the speed of her eye-to-brain-to-comprehension mind-matrix. BUT! I mean this as in I am rubbish at the process of actually sitting down with a book and reading it.

When I get going, fine – it’s generally going to get read. Unless it’s shit. Or unless it’s Naked Lunch, in which case it’s just going to take me about four months to force myself through it and not enjoy it*. But I have a box over <– there somewhere full of books, about 75 per cent of which have never even been opened.

I suppose it falls back to my other commitment issues which I hilariously covered ages ago, in that I find it very hard to start something new. Once it’s up and running, fine – but it’s that initial push that I just can’t give myself a lot of the time.

Anyway, I was prompted to write this shocking confession because there’s a copy of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian sat right next to me. It’s only been here a week, but I can just tell it will be here next week, and the week after and not get touched. Either that or I’ll just move it.

I am, as they say, ‘a bit of a nong’.

*Anyone who says they enjoy or understand this book is an idiot, a liar or possibly both.

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Picnics: boring, or misunderstood? (Clue: “boring”)

So picnics then, eh? What are they all about? Are they about starting a blog with the kind of set up Jerry Seinfeld might use? It looks like it, so far. But aside from that, what purpose do they serve? Today we went to Chorlton Water Park and sat around on a sheet in some grass, drinking and eating food. Don’t get me wrong, this was fine – it was ‘nice’, as some might say. But it was a little bit boring, all things considered.

I am good at keeping myself occupied – I can sit around doing menial, pointless shit and still be able to function without going insane. This doesn’t mean I’m good at coping with boredom, which should be pointed out. I am good at eating, drinking and sitting, but none of these things really act as great boredom killers. Apart from drinking, but we ran out of the booze pretty swiftly so it wasn’t a good, blunt instrument against the forces of boredom.

I am good at coping with boredom when I actually have something to kill the boredom with. The picnic, as it was today, didn’t fill this hole and I was, as a result, quite bored. Even though I was sitting out in the nice “world” surrounded by dogs, ducks, food and booze, I was bored.

I mean, not that I’m complaining, but everyone else had things to read. I said I’d take my PSP but this was vetoed, for some reason. Philistines.

Wow, this wasn’t much of an entry. I blame sunstroke, or something.

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