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Boredom tries to take over… DEFLECTED!

I officially have nothing to look forward to right now, and it’s getting me down a bit. Not in a terrible ‘I require Prozac’ kind of way, nor in any way that I’m thinking about it non-stop. But the fact there’s no real event coming up for me in the near – or far – future is making me develop cabin fever, or something.

That’s what happens when you do a bunch of stuff in quick succession though, I suppose. You get used to how actually Doing Things manages to take your mind off how Boring things are normally. I am accustomed to boredom, as I have pointed out many times, and I should probably run seminars on how to deal with it – how to embrace it – as I am sodding brilliant at that. Ask anyone who’s spent any real time with me; they can vouch.

But it doesn’t stop me from yearning, and right now I’m yearning hard for some plan – any plan – to do something. I don’t think it helps that, for the first time since about 2006, I actually have a little bit of money to my name and can afford to do something more interesting than buying a small bottle of Chekov vodka and drinking so much my brain decides to take a leave of absence (only to return in the morning and kick the shit out of the inside of my head for being such a dickhead).

But I’m sure it’ll pass. After all, I got Dark Souls today, so that can keep me occupied for a month or two. I don’t need the outside, people, experiences, travel or activities – I can slay the undead in the comfort of my own hovel.

No, really – I am actually looking forward to this.

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Why bother? Boredom, mainly.

I’ve been asked by a few people recently (as well as by myself) why I’m bothering to continue this blog. It gets noticeably less effort put into it on a daily basis than it used to get, with average blog lengths going down to about 230 words rather than the 300+ of old.

Though there is the whole quantity/quality argument there, but that’s not what I’m thinking right now. Also more recent blogs have clearly been lacking in both those elements. ANYWAY.

So why am I still continuing? A sense of duty, I suppose. I said I’d do it for a second year, so I’m going to do it for a second year. I didn’t say I’d do it well, just that there would be 365 blog entries written and uploaded in 2011/early 2012.

But I do think it goes a bit deeper than that – though not deep enough for anyone reading to be in any way impressed as to my reasoning.

First of all, the more honourable reason: there’s been a bit of cash donated as a direct result of me doing this shit. As such, I feel honour-bound to complete the task.

Second, the less honourable reason: I think it helps relieve some of the mind-numbing boredom of life, what with blogging giving me something – however small – to look forward to each day. Something to think about, or focus on. Yes, it doesn’t get the effort it used to, but it still gets some, and it still – on a very personal level – does something that helps me. Namely, helping kill off some boredom.

And all anybody ever does in life is try to kill off boredom. That’s all life be, y’all.

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Thought I was bored of games for a minute there. I’m not, don’t worry.

I tend to think I’m getting bored of games, what with them all being the same thing over and over. It’s usually giant future-men shooting things, normal present-men shooting foreigners, some shit with an androgynous lead character who doesn’t realise they have the touch (they have the power) or in the case of Nintendo the exact same game for the fiftieth time.

There are some other standard tropes, but shut up I’m not listing everything.

Anyway, you can probably see why I might think I’m a bit bored of them. But then I remember I’m not when I actually play them and realise that yes, while Shootybang Man 9000 is just the same game again again again, I’m still having fun with it. The mainstream efforts that I slag off so much for being creative voids are still that, and they’re less intellectually stimulating than talking to someone from my hometown, but they get the carrot-and-stick philosophy down.

Simple, straightforward progress. An increase in your abilities. A gradual increase in difficulty. The ability to skip cut scenes. All of these things tie together to make something I’m fine wasting a few hours of my day playing.

The day when the mindless, Michael Bay-style games don’t give me any enjoyment is the day I really get worried.

These blogs are always so much better* when they’re a day late.


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Murdering boredom, one gadget at a time

Strange that I’ve decided to write this now, seeing as my travelling will be cut down severely from what it was only recently. Still, an idea of what to write here is exactly that, and if I think I can make it mildly amusing for myself then that’s fine – it takes up a day of the blog, which is definitely the right attitude to have about this whole thing. Right, onto business.

I travel a bit (see above for caveats) – as such I need to have with me things that can make boredom disappear. To be fair, that’s all we ever do throughout our entire lives. Try and argue with that point and you’ll fail – everything anybody ever does is in order to avoid being bored. Hence why games are brilliant and if you dismiss them you’re a fucking dickhead. Ahem. Where was I? Ah yes – travelling is a special case for boredom-killing though, as you tend to be cooped up with no way of just going for a walk or wandering listlessly around your flat, brushing your new haircut into amusingly shit styles (that you know you’ll probably stick with in coming weeks, as your hair is always shit and you hate it anyway). You’re sitting, with no escape. You need to mind-escape. You need shit.

I have an ever-increasing pile of crap I can throw into my bag and pull out at any point to make boredom go bye-bye. Let’s just list them, rather than babble on incoherently here:

I love my PSP, still, even though everybody in the world hates them. It hurts my hands to play it for a long time, but it has some great games and the ability to play any PSone game I want on it. With some creative modifications of legal firmware, naturally. It used to be the main port of call, until I got…

Tiny Laptop
Possibly the best thing I’ve ever bought. It’s 10.1 inches of sheer pleasure HAHAHA COCK JOKE LOL LOL LOL LMFAO LOLOLOLOLOLsigh. But yeah, it can play old PC games and movies, and I can work on it too should I need to. Plus it does an internet where it’s available (i.e. not many places). £160 and the Best Thing Ever? Yeah, I’ll take that.

Doesn’t get touched as much as it used to. In fact, last time I played it on a train I put on Cooking Mama for ten minutes before I realised I was being judged by everyone around me for playing a game where you chop onions as fast as you can. Naturally, this meant I just played it more. Louder. Harder. With shouting involved. Then called them all cunts and ran off laughing like a maniac*. *May not have happened.

The new addition to the family and untested on the road, this little Apple thing could well turn out to be brilliant. I’ve already downloaded War & Peace on it, so I can pretend to read it and look like a really smug twat. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s an app where you can pretend to read Dostoyevsky and actually have a Dan Brown book hidden inside it. Not that I’d ever read Dan Brown, but for the purposes of the joke let’s pretend I would. Then let’s all collectively vomit at that thought. Umm.. yeah. Canabalt.

Depending what it is and depending the mood I’m in, books can be brilliant or a complete waste of time. A seven-hour flight with genuine flu isn’t conductive to me being able to read Blood Meridian, for example. Whereas I managed Breakfast Of Champions in one train ride from Manchester to Sheffield. But then, I do fucking love Vonnegut more than anything else.


I still remember the days of taking my CD player on the train, cramming it in my inside coat pocket as it seemed to fit there, the auto skip-correction system eventually wearing down and the music becoming unlistenable as the bumpy ride took its toll. Also I listened to more shit then. Not to say my tastes have got better, just that I listen to less music now. Anyway, the iPod is a nice distraction as it’s not an active pursuit – you can just switch it on and leave it. And turn it up loud to annoy the fat smelly person next to you who keeps rubbernecking at your screen. Cocks.

Wow, that was a lot more boring than I expected. Sorry, I seem incapable of being funny about shit like this. I do seem capable of almost writing 800 words on the subject though. Jesus crikey I must be bored. Soz. 7/10

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Picnics: boring, or misunderstood? (Clue: “boring”)

So picnics then, eh? What are they all about? Are they about starting a blog with the kind of set up Jerry Seinfeld might use? It looks like it, so far. But aside from that, what purpose do they serve? Today we went to Chorlton Water Park and sat around on a sheet in some grass, drinking and eating food. Don’t get me wrong, this was fine – it was ‘nice’, as some might say. But it was a little bit boring, all things considered.

I am good at keeping myself occupied – I can sit around doing menial, pointless shit and still be able to function without going insane. This doesn’t mean I’m good at coping with boredom, which should be pointed out. I am good at eating, drinking and sitting, but none of these things really act as great boredom killers. Apart from drinking, but we ran out of the booze pretty swiftly so it wasn’t a good, blunt instrument against the forces of boredom.

I am good at coping with boredom when I actually have something to kill the boredom with. The picnic, as it was today, didn’t fill this hole and I was, as a result, quite bored. Even though I was sitting out in the nice “world” surrounded by dogs, ducks, food and booze, I was bored.

I mean, not that I’m complaining, but everyone else had things to read. I said I’d take my PSP but this was vetoed, for some reason. Philistines.

Wow, this wasn’t much of an entry. I blame sunstroke, or something.

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