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Shooting Stars cancelled? BOOOOOO

So after about ten billion years of somehow managing to exist, the BBC has finally cancelled Shooting Stars. I sort of expected it, but I didn’t really think it would be because they can’t afford it. I expected it to be deemed ‘not fit for some bullshit demographic’ or whatever other nonsense they want to come up with.

Small mercies.

For you see, Shooting Stars is one of the best things that has ever been. Just as Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are two of the best people that have ever been. Seeing as they front(ed) the show, it fits that it is/was great and I love it.

But then, I’m part of the problem as I didn’t really watch much of the latest series. Sorry. My fault. Well, that and whoever it is that’s taking  all the money off the BBC.

Ah, Shooting Stars. The Fruit Drop Challenge. “Who let a Predator in?” Vic’s dancing to that ‘free from desire song’. Johnny Vegas proving, once more, he’s really funny. George Dawes being shit, apart from sometimes. Jarvis “The Weed In Tweed” Cocker. Greasy 50s binman. Dove From Above.

So much in my head. So much in the formative years. So many reasons why I am freely and openly described as weird all come back to Vic & Bob, and a lot come back to Shooting Stars specifically. I still rub my thighs to indicate attraction – mock or otherwise. I still love quickfire round questions like “name a junction on the M4” (“17” “Ahh, sorry – it was 12”).

I may have lapsed in recent years, but I never really moved on. I’m sorry Shooting Stars – I will miss you dearly.


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Monster! Buster! … Bonster?

How many do we have left now? Let’s see – Firefly… nope, that’s all I can think of.

We wanted Family Guy back, we got it. Turns out we were very wrong to want it back, as it turns out it only really had a couple of good series in it before the writers did indeed turn out to be a bunch of barely-trained manatees picking a bunch of balls out of a tank. I would make up my own metaphor, but the South Park one is so utterly perfect it should be used wherever possible.

Basically, we were wrong. But we got it back.

Futurama was cancelled even though it was one of the best animated shows that’s ever been made. Certainly better than Family Guy, definitely better than latter-day Simpsons and arguably better than Simpsons in its prime. Well, not better than, but arguably as good as. When it’s good, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. We wanted it back, and we got it back.

First it looked like it might go the Family Guy way, with some not-that-great feature length episodes. They sold well, it was recommissioned for a new series and I got a bit worried. Turned out I was wrong to be, as the new series of Futurama is absolutely great. Though admittedly there hasn’t been a Jurassic Bark moment yet.


And now – we wanted it. It was killed in its prime. In fact, it was killed before it had the chance to hit its prime. And now it turns out we’re getting Arrested Development back. And I am happy. And I am not even worried.

I would ask ‘which way will it go – Family Guy or Futurama?’ but I don’t see the point. It won’t be anything other than brilliant.

Unless everyone involved makes a huge mistake.

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Alliance & Leicester are great. When you need to cancel.

I may have made my feelings on the bank known as Alliance and Leicester known on this blog earlier in the year. Mainly because they were shit, awful and insanely annoying when I wanted them to be good and work well for me. I switched accounts with the express intention of actually changing accounts, as they offered a couple of reasonable rates and blah de blah.

It ended up with me closing the account in little over three months, and it was all their fault. But I’m not actually here to complain about an insanely boring topic. I’m actually going to praise the bank. In an insanely boring topic.

See, I had enough of A&L’s online service being utterly shit, as well as their seemingly random decision when it came to money transfers. “Today we will be… INSTANT!” “But today we will be… SLOW!” Arseholes. It was a genuine inconvenience, so after making sure all bills/direct debits etc were no longer anything to do with that account, I phoned up to cancel.

Take into account I have never had a call with them lasting less than 20 minutes. I wasn’t looking forward to having to make excuses for a decision which is entirely mine.

But I was put through in about 30 seconds, and the bloke didn’t even ask why when I said I wanted to cancel. He put it through, told me I’d be getting my info in the coming week and that the account would be closed after seven days. The easiest and best service I’ve ever had from a bank, and it came at the time when I was cancelling the account. Le sigh.

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