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It’s getting cold. KNITWEAR TIME!

It’s getting nippy outside – to the point that today I had to put my hoodie on to stop myself from being terrible and cold like a WEAK, WEAK PERSON. We all know that only the truly WEAK, WEAK PEOPLE are the ones that have to put on their outerwear after having already made the decision to not wear any in the first place. I let the north down. I let myself down.

On the other hand, it does mean we’re now fast approaching one of the best times of the year: knitwear season. I don’t mean anything fancy, or hardly anything actually knitted. No, I mean the season when it’s acceptable – and sensible – to wear jumpers you’ve bought from TK Maxx.

I don’t knit myself. I don’t actually think much about jumpers and ting. I don’t actively shop for jumpers, outerwear and other such knitwear. But I do like to browse the racks of questionable quality knitting products. Also synthetic products. And cotton. And other stuff I don’t actually understand.

This is an overly-elongated way of saying: I want a new jumper. I’m going to go to TK Maxx next week to get one. Yeah, that’s about all these couple of hundred words are about. Sorry.

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