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I ain’t making shit

The job I do could reasonably be considered a creative role, seeing as it does indeed involve some semblance of creativity. Sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I’m a creative person, at least not in every regard.

This re-re-re-dawned on me not so long ago, as I was playing the beta of LittleBigPlanet 2. See, the first in the series (for those not in with the cool kids and our mad knowledge) was a platform game where you could create your own levels. In its own way it was a minor revelation.

It was also something I barely played, as the main game was a bit pump and I didn’t ever get beyond the novelty factor of it being a game where I would turn it on to play the best creations other people had come up with.

And so the second game has rolled around, at least in beta (demo) form, and with it comes the rather major changes. Mainly that instead of just being able to create your own levels, you can create your own almost anything. It’s a slight step up, you have to admit.

But with that step up comes the step up in realisation that I just don’t have the talent, patience or sheer bloody mindedness required to create things like this. I can’t be bothered to go through the same thing 40 times in a row just to make sure a two-second sequence of a level plays out well. So what the hell is going to make me play through something 400 times to make sure the entire game I’ve made plays out okay?

This all began back on the Amiga, where I tried to muck about with AMOS The Creator for a while. I got something up and running, but I didn’t think it was very good so I gave in and did something else. If I’d have stuck with that from the age of about seven or eight then I probably wouldn’t have much of an issue with making a few levels or interesting types of game on the LBP series. I’d also probably have a very different job right now.

Hey ho. I’m going to try and make something entirely comprised of cocks, just to make myself laugh.

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Play, create, share… or don’t

Those of you with inclinations towards the world of gaming will undoubtedly have seen the “announcement” of LittleBigPlanet 2 earlier today (another thing ruined by the internet, only this time it ruined it for the internet and not for everyone else like normal). Those who haven’t seen it: it’s a game where you make other games in the game, to make a game that you can play instead of playing at making games. Or something. If I were twattier than I am I’d use the term meta-game in some way, but I’m not, so I won’t.

Anyway, it got me thinking again about the first LittleBigPlanet, about other games that have been popping up seemingly determined to make us create half of the content for us to get any enjoyment out of them. It’s not something I want to rant about, oddly, it’s just something I kind of lament. I don’t see the designers of the likes of LBP 2 or ModNation Racers or whatever else as lazy, or cynical. I just see them as bringing out a product that really isn’t for me.

It may shock you to learn this, what with the derivative nonsense I tend to come out with here, but I’m not the most creative of people. I can string words together, but bar that indie game of which I’ve forgotten the name of (something about sleep) there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of creative games that involve writing. Maybe the Neverwinter Nights mod tools, but they also involve making levels and a game to go with it. Anyway, these are games that aren’t for me, and this makes me sad. I feel left out of the one thing I’m actually really into, quite good at and passionate about.

So please, Mr LittleBigPlanet et al: stop ruining it for Ian.

This lost its train of thought at the end of the third par, as background music confused my tiny mind. Apologies.

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