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No like, like like

I didn’t like Diet Coke; I found it unpalatable. Its taste was hardly there, so I chose not to dabble. Full fat Coke was my choice of beverage, at least when it came to choosing a type of cola. Suddenly I realised I’d developed a taste for it. Granted, it wasn’t naturally formed – it was the result of drinking the shit all the time when trying not to have as shitty, fatty, bad stuff as normal when drinking the ol’ booze.

Same for raisins. Forced myself. Ate them daily, just to make my brain get accustomed to them and stop hating them as much. Now? Now I like them enough to write a hastily-conceived blog about how much I don’t not like them anymore. At some point I’m sure I’ll go out of my way to eat raisins. What a crazy world!

Brockington (sometimes known as ‘broccoli’) was another one – its albino cousin Colin Flower fit the bill too. Couldn’t stand it. But here it was different. I never forced myself; no daily regimen, no forcing it down my throat until my brain went YEAH ALRIGHT I LIKE THAT. Just turned out at some point that I liked it. I eat it. I even bother to cook it sometimes, not just munching on the raw stalks OH THE RAW STALKS.

But I still don’t like whiskey. Why won’t you let me like whiskey, brain? Why do you do this to me? Why can’t I be cool and enjoy the coolest drink ever invented? Why must I be relegated to shitty vodka (even though I like great vodka) and shitty beer (even though I like great beer)? You are a stupid brain and you make no sense.

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