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Licence to… umm… drive

It’s probably too early for a mid-life crisis, but I am 28 and I still haven’t learned to drive. Now, I know this probably isn’t the best of ideas for someone as monumentally consta-broke as I am. Cars are expensive to buy, expensive to run and expensive to be allowed to legally have and drive. Plus I’m massively clumsy so I would end up dead within the week.

But still, I really should have one. Liberation from having to rely on lifts or public transport – freedom to actually do stuff that I could… actually, I probably wouldn’t do anything. Hmm. But the feeling of liberafreedom would be nice. And maybe I’d go out into the surrounding Dorsety area or something. I don’t know.

Frankly I don’t care either, because all this is leading up to is me saying: I still want a Dodge Viper, as I have done since about 1994. I would drive it so good like, and it totally wouldn’t get nicked and I’d definitely be able to get cheap insurance on it and I certainly wouldn’t ever mistreat it and can I have one please?

I would take gooooood care of it…

Thanks, bye. One time I might tell the story of why I don’t have a driver’s licence. Might not, mind.

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