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So this is number 730 – I have now done two lots of 365 blogs in a row. Commonly referred to as ‘two years’, working out at one per day, though admittedly not one every single day. Sometimes I forgot, sometimes I couldn’t be bothered, sometimes I was drunk and decided against the rambling idiocy that would come out.

Sometimes I still did blogs on those days, obviously.

Anyway, it’s been a year of all those things that make up a general year. Highs and lows, though mainly lows. It started out with a point where I was so utterly fucking crushed that I wrote some entries I genuinely cringe at after having re-read them. Still, it’s a document of how I felt, so I can’t argue with that.

Plus it pissed the ex off that I was airing things in public, so that’s always funny.

But I haven’t been honest all year. If I had, it would have been far more interesting a read but far more damaging to my finely-crafted image. You’d all stop thinking of me as the most perfect person alive, which I know you all do, and would instead see me for what I am – a fallible human that… ugh… makes mistakes.

But away from the personal side of things – and ignoring the fact I never wanted this to become an online diary (tried Livejournal; didn’t like it) – I also wrote some things that made me laugh. Yes, I am saying I made myself laugh. I am a walking ego, it seems. But if you can’t make yourself laugh, what’s the point in trying to make anyone laugh?

Well, I mean, for money. Yeah – I’d make shit jokes I hated if I got paid for it. Surely Michael Mcintyre can’t find that dirge he vomits out in the shape of words funny? Surely it’s just for the money? Surely.

I abandoned the photograph of my face as I simply couldn’t be bothered anymore. And while I do miss it, I’m not likely to bring it back any time soon. It’s just a tiny extra bit of hassle and believe me, I make it hard enough on myself to just put the words on a screen. Good golly have I made it hard on myself.

There have been times when I sat here for a solid 30-45 minutes, just staring at the screen. Nothing coming out. There have been times when I have got distracted and suddenly it’s 1am and I need to just put anything out there before going to bed. Sometimes I’ve completely forgotten what I’m on about halfway through a sentence and oh look a pony.

But that’s that. Two years of #oneaday blogs done after fully expecting to fail after two weeks. Not always good, not always terrible, sometimes brutally honest, oftentimes made up entirely of lies (“jokes”) – whatever they are, they’re out of my brain and in the world. Some of you might even have enjoyed them, and I got 33% more traffic this last 365 days than the days before, so it can’t be that shit.

Maybe it is. Maybe you’re just all idiots. Maybe I’ll shut up blathering on now.

What we all want to know, though, is this: can we (the royal we) carry this on? Can we keep it going for a third year running? Can we pass the 1,000 day-in-a-row mark?

Can we?


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