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Does it ever scare you?

Does it ever scare any of you to know that one day everything you know – everything you’ve ever known – will be forgotten? I mean, you can pass on knowledge and you can teach others, you can let them in on secrets and tell them the tricks of the trade, but you can’t ever tell them everything. You can never pass yourself on to another one hundred per cent. And one day you’ll die, leaving everything that is you to be forgotten.

Does it ever scare any of you to know that one day everything you did – well, most things you did – were embarrassing? I  mean, you can mitigate embarrassment in any way you want, you can pretend it doesn’t affect you, you can avoid situations that embarrass and go out of your way to be as straight-laced and normal as possible – but you can’t ever avoid every embarrassing situation. And one day you’ll be left feeling foolish, red of cheek and shameful of character.

Is that a comparison even worth making? I don’t know. Just thoughts about things, people, myself, others. I behaved like a bit of a twat on Saturday night and felt embarrassed about it on Sunday, but when I thought about it – in those terms above – what does it really matter? True, a lot more people now know I can’t dance (I CAN), but fuck it. It’s funny.

Then there are people I know – friends and the whatever else you want to call them – who will get unreasonably angry if there’s any risk of them being embarrassed in any way, ever. It just strikes me as a bit pointless, is all. You’re always going to end up embarrassed about lots of things: don’t dwell on it, just laugh it up and carry on.

Probably don’t compare being embarrassed to the thought of everything you remember being forgotten the moment you die, though. That’s just embarrassing logic.

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