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Only a Sith deals in absolutes (“only”? Sounds like an absolute to me, Obi-Wan) – also: someone with a hangover does too

I am often amused by how much a simple hangover can change my personality. While in sober-time I am capable of rational, almost normal thinking and vague (very vague) planning, when it comes to post-booze days I become a gibbering wreck of irrational thought processes and a confused pile of… umm… confusion.

My brain goes from subtle, nuanced approaches to life to some idiotic, chirruping fool that deals only in absolutes. Basically, it starts acting how Daily Mail readers’ brains act all the time – IT IS RIGHT OR IT IS WRONG, NOTHING INBETWEEN. For example, right now I am playing a game for a freelance review. It is based on a Japanese anime series, so is backed up by an incomprehensible and ridiculous story. Rather than chuckling along or forcing myself through it, my brain has decided it is literally the worst thing I have ever heard or seen.

A couple of hours ago I was tempted to buy some takeaway as I am re-fatting myself and I couldn’t be bothered cooking. Would it be something to fill the hole in my belly or would it be ALL OF THE FOOD? Fortunately I managed to see sense there and go for NO FOOD AT ALL. Absolutes, see.

Same for emotions too – when I’m hungover I get REALLY MAD at people for no reason*, or I get REALLY SAD at something that wouldn’t even register on the sad-o-meter at any other point. I don’t just feel a ‘meh’, I feel ALL OF THE MEH.

It’s quite interesting, really. To me, at least. Oh, and ignoring the headache, lethargy, inability to concentrate, dehydration, liver damage, memory loss, temptation to eat all the fatty food in the world, the fact that I nearly cried watching Avatar earlier and that I haven’t bothered showering today. Obviously.

Anyway, back to the Gundam game.

*I am aware I do this when not hungover too.

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