The 4450 effect

I was about to write something about the new batch of clementines that have arrived in Waitrose in the last week, possibly a Definitive Review (7/10). But I wanted to see if I could find out where said fruity deliciousnesses were from, so I typed in what was on the label.

I love the internet.

I feel like I’m learning things.

Also it’s just reminded me we’re into excellent Clementine season.

I am now going to go on a campaign of Googling every fruit label I see to try and get something a bit more fun out of the whole experience by cross-referencing… umm… I mean… no. That’s just silly. I am not going to get excited about the prospect of Googling fruit.

I’m not.

I might.

No. I mustn’t. My life has become one of lessening thrills, true, but I’m not yet at the point where I’m going to start a website like this one.

Though mainly because I don’t have the webspace right now.

Damn it I want a Clementine tree. And another Clementine.

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