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Home straight, again

Turns out tomorrow sees me entering the final ten blogs I’m going to do. Probably. Well, it definitely enters the final ten of the second year, but I don’t know if I’m going to carry it on. Last year I was convinced I would end it as of 365 entries, but I decided to do a show of support to someone new and continue.

They lasted about three weeks, if that. Sigh.

But, as I am who I am, I said I’d do it for the year so I have done. It hasn’t been great. In fact, it’s been downright messy at times, and a lot more honest than I honestly intended it to be HO HO. Honest honest honest.

But I think it’s clear for all to see I’m a bit bored of doing these. There’s only been a few entries over the last collection of months that I’ve actually given a shit about enough to put effort or thought into. So I’m probably not going to carry on.

Then again, I don’t really know. I’m used to it, it’s part of my routine. I just think I need to do more fun things, or start caring about what happens in the world again, then I’d have something interesting to write about.

Or maybe I’ll just keep on doing it and keep on writing filler, last-minute nonsense like this. WHO KNOWS.

I think, actually, if I had some form of structure to it then I’d be far more inclined to keep it going. I might quit my job and write a single blog a day full time. WHO KNOWS.

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