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It today took me about five hours to write less than 1,000 words. The time it took me to complete what would normally be an extremely simple task should not be used as an indication of increased quality. Mainly because what it actually means in this case is that it’s a Big Pile Of Shit. Maybe.

Actually, it’s probably alright. Just a war of attrition with words. But the fact that happens every now and then makes me question my ability. Again. As always. Surely if I’m a consummate pro who gets complimented by people for “being able” to write I should be able to do this, whenever I want, all the time?

I know it’s completely irrational. Nobody’s on form all the time. But shut up, because you’re not in my brain and I am and I feel like being a bit like whining a bit. Again. As always.

And seeing as I now can’t think of anything else to write, and seeing as the entire topic of this blog isn’t actually a topic worth writing about, I think I’m going to leave it at that and go to bed. Hopefully my brain will work again tomorrow. I genuinely have no idea what could have caused my brain to cease functioning this weekend.

No siree. No idea at all.

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Half arsed entry for a half pound burger

Sorry to be boring and talk about this crap again, but I’m very tired and need to go sleepsies soon. Anyway, I know you all secretly love every time I write about losing weight and that you all want me to succeed and feel every knock to my confidence when I hit bumps along the long, winding road of… umm… yeah. Whatever.

This has been the absolute worst week for my health kick since I started it all of not that long ago. From the “I’m so hungover, tired and drunk that I literally can’t do anything other than order some fried chicken” or last Sunday, through the stupid work stupid meeting after stupid hours where I stupidly got a stupid kebab and onto yesterday’s “yeah, whatever, pizza is fine” I’m not doing so well.

Naturally I just ordered a burger. I’m hungover and tired again, leave me be.

Hopefully when I weigh myself on Tuesday we can all see that I’ve lost some pounds and will therefore be able to continue this style of ‘not really doing it properly’ and just shoving my stupid face full of cheese and shit all the time.

Yeah, that’s your lot. No apologies for the shitness on show here. No retreat, no surrender, no remorse etc etc.

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