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Fresh, half-baked post

It’s good to see that when a silly little project enters its second year, picks up more participants, is on the receiving end of better organisation, involves a couple of good causes and makes itself more welcoming (read: easier) for those who are incapable of its original goal it still gets slagged off by some sections.

Get a fucking grip.

I’m often dismissive and destructive in my opinions and actions towards people, places, things and other such stuff. But while I’m busy knocking things down (and not even noticing I’m doing it half the time, such is the ubiquity of my criticism), I am at least trying to bring something to the table. Be it a half-baked opinion, a bit of a rant, a kids book that took me a few hours to write (yet is something I have talked at people about for far longer), stupid irrelevant changes to my magazine or whatever else I have inevitably forgotten about. It’s something – it’s doing something, and as shit as it may be, as much as some may judge it irrelevant, pointless or just plain bad, in the words of Minor Threat: “at least I’m fucking trying”.

And yes, I do get off on self-righteously justifying my actions. I’ve done it many times before, I’ll do it many times… again.

Anyway, this was meant to be much longer and in-depth, measured and fair. But it isn’t because other things are taking precedence right now.


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