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The time I was on TV (aka: easy blog entries)

I, like I assume many of you lot, sometimes enjoy rooting through my Facebook profile to look at old photos, stupid stuff on my info page and, probably best of all, my videos. Your best bit might not be the video section, but then you don’t have this in yours:

I have never watched it. Well, I have watched it, in part and without sound, in order to edit it down to a shorter length for my NCTJ course. I haven’t watched it properly at all though. Why? Well, I don’t want to hear myself say “stunt twins”, nor do I want to hear that thing about “brands” of carpet, whatever the hell that means. And I certainly don’t want to look at my stupid, shiny face with insane eyebrows.

But hey, it amuses me that this exists, so I thought I’d post it here for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it before. And for the benefit of me, so I don’t have to do a proper blog entry today.


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For all of my adoring fans

The internet is a “wonderful” place, allegedly. It has actually helped me a great deal, and is a fine place for anyone and everyone to do things and show them to the world. Part of these ‘things’ I have done has been writing for numerous websites, as you probably know or have guessed. I’ll save it for another day to write about the places I have written for, as today I would like to talk about another thing that makes the internet unique and “wonderful”. The ability for just about anyone to make instant, mostly-uncensored comment on everything I have ever written. It’s bloody brilliant.

I have been accused of plagiarism for having a similar opinion to another games writer person, I have been insulted, patronised and generally besmirched in many ways*. I can’t say “I wouldn’t have it any other way”, but I can say I don’t mind it that much – especially as they can be so bloody funny. So let’s just take a look at some of the real, genuine, actual comments that people have made on things I have written (all from Hecklerspray, natch, as I can’t be bothered sifting through the other things):

“This is ridiculous. How dare you make such harsh and unforgiving comments about the interview when katie price was obviously devastated about losing a child.”

“listen im a 10 year old but ive got some gob on me okay and im smart enough to figure you idiots out!”

“if “hecklerspray” believes that retarded
Austrailian tabloid then they are a bunch of

“Obviously the asshole who wrote this article knows zilch about acting…
Robert Pattinson is a great actor and I’d like to see you try to portray a tortured artist or a man trying to find his identity from a young age in How To Be….

Obviously he is a fantastic actor seeing as he’s getting really good movie roles, your opinion on this article is biased and a load of bull…”


Bet ur lovin the conflict uv caused ian lol
Personally i think u can hav ur own opinion & no1 shud rly care

I just think ur a bit pathetic”

And of course, all of these I quoted all those ages ago (they’re funnier than these, I didn’t want to re-use them here).

I do so love the internet.

*Some have even been supportive.

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