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I’ve just realised, looking around my room, that I appear to be a hoarder for more than just crap. Seems I have a bit of a penchant for keeping hold of boxes. From where I am sitting – the perfectly-formed ass-groove of my settee, where I have been slumped for 98% of today’s waking hours – I can see seven empty boxes that are not used to store anything.

Yet I have no intention of throwing them out. I mean, what if I need to put the thing that belongs in the box back in the box? What if I suddenly decide Tiny Laptop needs to go back into its cardboard house? What if I want to sell something – it has more value with a box.

There’s a PS3 box in the cupboard, sat next to a Xbox 360 one. There’s the box for my nice headphones, empty. There’s the box for my old TV that I don’t even have anymore, which has reminded me there’s also the box for my TV I do still have.

So that’s eight I can see from where I’m sat.

Basically I think this is my descent into madness. It’s a physical metaphor for how my life feels like it should be organised – things should be categorised and put neatly in the correct boxes. But I don’t. I leave things strewn around my life and my head, and these compartments stay empty, unused and pointless. But I don’t want to give them up and throw them away, because that would give up the pretence that I want to make a change and I want something organised and considered in my life.

Actually, it’s not that at all. It’s the value thing. No, really. It is. I worked in CEX, so I have a habit of keeping hold of boxes as things are worth a bit more with them.

Just thought I’d throw a shitty little metaphor out there and pretend to overthink this nonsense.

Tomorrow is the last blog, possibly ever. See how I feel before I make a decision, but either way it’s going to be a doozy! It’s not. It’s not.

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Digital hoarding

As you may have noticed from my recent whining, I suffered a mega-failure of my PS3’s hard drive yesterday. This means – partly through hardware fault, partly through my own idiocy of not taking available contingency options – I’ve lost five years of game saves.

First up, no – it’s not the end of days, in case any of you are tempted to show you’re flying the “GO OUTSIDE LIKE A REAL PERSON WAAAAH” colours. It’s an irritation. A minor setback. But it’s still annoying.

Second, it’s made me realise another way in which I am a massive, pointless hoarder. I’ve noticed it before with the crap I have in my room. Can’t possibly throw that away – I might use it again some time. Couldn’t think of selling that on – I might want to cradle it in my arms for fifteen hours solid one time.

Now I realise I did it with the downloads on the console, too. As we live in the future where you can download games straight to your machine, I had done that a lot. As I work in a job where I get a fair few of these games sent my way for work or just as freebies, I had done it a lot.

They all went with the HDD failure, natch.

So I went through the list, looking at what I want to redownload. I initially set out to get everything – which is about 250 downloads. At least. I quickly changed that plan.

But then, looking through the list, I realised I haven’t played any of the games on it for a long-ass time. I only wanted them so I had them – no other real reason. I can justify it all I want with claims of ‘I’ll go back to it at some point’ or whatever else, but that’s just another excuse to hoard.

So yeah, I’ve just decided to download about ten things, leave it at that. Try and curb this insanity. And yes, one of them is obviously Joe Danger. I’m happy to start that again, as it’s brilliant.

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I think it’s about time that I have a ritual cleansing of all the shit I have. And by that I don’t mean I’m actually going to clean my flat for once. That shit would be nonsensical, yo. Nor do I mean ‘I have no money so I need to sell another 25% of the stuff I own’, though that is actually true and is part of the reason for this… well, not decision, but this ‘thinking’.

Thought. Whatever.

I have a lot of shit I do not use, I do not really have any need for and that I do not actually want, but I keep it all around. Hoarding is the phrase, I suppose, though that conjures up images of those horrible semi-people off those shows about disgusting houses. I’m not that bad. I do have a lot of shit though.

But there’s so much of it I honestly don’t want to get rid of, even though I rarely if ever use it. The couple of hundred DVDs? I might want to watch one one day – it does happen. Same with the games I haven’t even looked at in a year. The unworn clothes? There might come a time when I need a thermal undershirt, or a pair of shorts that still have the tags on them even though I bought them in 2006.

Christ, I’ve even kept hold of the boxes for things like my phone, iPad and 3DS. Though that’s probably more the CEX conditioning kicking in – they’re worth more with boxes, after all.

I do think I need to blitz it though. Rid of the DVDs. Rid of the games. Rid of the books. Rid of the clothes. Rid of the miscellaneous I can’t think of.

Obviously I want to sell it all. I’m not completely mad. Money would be nice, too.


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