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Panorama? Nah. Head in sand is better for me right now.

I’ve not bothered watching that Panorama on gaming addiction today. After all the hype (in the gaming community, natch) and all the chatter about it (again, gaming community) I just couldn’t be bothered. I seem to have found myself entering a newly enlightened state where I transcend the messages sent out by those who still think this earth is all there is to it. Instead, I inhabit a place of true knowledge, serenity and total peace. I am at one with everything, and everything is at one with me.

Some people call this ‘wilful ignorance’, and I, on discovering it, am finding it quite the calming influence.

You see, the last few weeks have seen me attacked on a personal and professional level from a number of different parties, all via the internet, naturally. While doing the rounds this morning I stumbled upon a website’s editorial which was entirely based around slagging me off (not by name, but it was about me). The email in which I was called a “cunt” no less than five times, the constant commenter-battery and the general assault on my mental well-being has taken something of a toll*.

I’m not whining – at least not much – and I’m not about to run off crying. If anything, these idiots either make me laugh or give me back the spark I’ve been missing for so long, re-igniting the anger – the passion – that makes me who I am. So to those numbskulls I would like to say: thanks. You’re a bunch of inbred, subnormal prannocks with all the congeniality of a scabby anus and the personality to match. But you’re making me care about things again. So thanks for that.

But yeah, it had got a bit much recently. Choosing to watch a show that would definitely infuriate me even more was something I was not going to do today.

*Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been writing on the internet for just under a decade now. I’ve had all the insults, snide remarks, patronising idiots and death threats (genuinely) before. It can still have an effect though.

(As an aside: I’ve also had more compliments in the last few weeks than I’ve ever had, from a number of different people and for a number of different reasons. It’s just the Dransfield Standard (and I’d assume that of many others) to focus on the negative feedback. SOZ.)

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